The Pony Express and San Francisco

Corner of Clay and Montgomery Streets, San Francisco

Western Headquarters of Russell, Majors, and Waddell

This was the site of the western business headquarters of the Russell, Majors, and Waddel -- founders, owners, and operators of the Pony Express, 1860-1861. The firm's main office was in Leavenworth, Kansas. W. W. Finney was the Western representative in San Francisco.

California Registered Historical Landmark, No. 696.

Plaque placed by the California State Park Commission in Cooperation with the Society of California Pioneers, April 1, 1960.

The Pony Express

St. Joseph -- Marysville -- Ft. Kearny -- Julesburg -- Ft. Laramie -- Salt Lake City -- Friday's -- Sacramento

These plaques placed on the site of the Western Business Headquarters, April 3, 1963, by the Society of California Pioneers. 1860-1861 1960-1961.

National Pony Express Centennial Association, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chairman, Waddel E. Smith, President.

Pony Express

The first Pony Express rider to reach San Francisco on the final relay, carried mail from St. Joseph, Missouri to California, arrived in this city Apr. 14, 1860 aboard the river steamer "Antelope," led by a band and several engine companies. A concourse of citizens escorted the rider, mounted on his gayly decorated pony, to the office of the Alta Telegraph Company, headquarters of the Pony Express, which stood on this spot. The Pony Express in operation from Apr. 3, 1860 to Oct. 26, 1861.

Medallion furnished by Oregon Trail Association, tablet placed by Historic Landmark Committee, Native Sons of the Golden West, 1936.

Central Overland Pony Express Trail Association, Inc.

St. Joseph, Missouri to San Francisco, California 1860 - 1861

Founders and Operators
April 1860 - March 1861
Overland Mail Co.
(Wells Fargo - National - Adams-American)
Controllers and Operators
(Russell-Majors &Wadell
Subcontractors East of Salt Lake City)
March 3, 1861 to October 28, 1861

Coast to Coast
Clipper Ship 90 Days
Via Panama 30 Days
Vanderbilt via Nicaragua 28 Days
Overland Mail Stage 23 Days
Pony Express 10-13 Days

Long Riders
"Pony Bob" Haslam 380 miles
Wm. K. Cody 384 miles
Young Riders
David Jay-14 Yrs. Kansas, 1860
Wm. K. Cody-14 Yrs. Wyoming, 1861

190 Stations, 120 Riders
1966 Miles
Record Time 7 Days 17 Hours
with President Lincoln's Inaugural Address March 4, 1861
Operated Nineteen Months

Donated by Members of Central Overland Pony Express - Organized 1952

The Pony Express

Russell - Majors - Waddell, Founders, Owners, Operators

120 Celebrated Riders
Rode 650,000 miles with
only one rider killed by
Indians, one schedule
not completed, and
one mail lost.

St. Joseph, Missouri -- Marysville, Kansas -- Ft. Kearny, Nebraska -- Julesburg, Colorado -- Ft. Laramie, Wyoming -- Salt Lake City, Utah -- Friday's Station, Nevada -- Sacramento, California

Presented by the National Pony Express Centennial Assn.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, Chairman; Waddell E. Smith, President; Sherrill Halbert, Vice President; James H. Phillips, Director

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