CS 294-7 Background Questionaire (E-Mail Version)

Please answer the following questions. I will be taking pictures of you just before and after class during the first few class meetings. It will help us get acquainted with you individually and better guage the mix of backgrounds in the course. When you have completed the form, select the "Send Mail" button below.



E-Mail Address:  


Where are you in your course of study?         

What is your primary goal in taking this course?

What is your primary technical interests?

What EE/CS courses relevant to Wireless Communications or Mobile Computing have you taken?

How would you describe your technical background? EE Communications? CS Systems? Something else?

Describe your most ambitious hardware or software design project: 
Are you familiar with the physics of radio propagation? Yes No Maybe

Do you understand digital modulation techniques, such as AM, FM, FSK, PSK, QAM, MSK, etc.? Yes No Maybe

Could you define the difference between FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA access techniques? Yes No Maybe

Could you define the seven layer ISO model for networking? Yes No Maybe

Do you know what TCP and IP are, and how they are different?Yes No Maybe