The schedule for your project over the rest the semester is as follows:

This questionaire constitutes the first of the above committments, to a project title and project partner, and is due Wednesday, 6 March. It is only necessary to submit one form per project. Please answer the following questions. When you have completed the survey form, select the "Send Mail" button below.


E-Mail Address:   


What is your Project Title?


Who is your project partner?

Provide a short abstract of your Project:

What do you hope to accomplish? What is your plan of attack? In other words, what is your experimental and analytical approach to your project (e.g., extend a simulator, write an interpreter, collect traces, develop an abstract model, etc.)? What are your hypotheses or questions about architecture you plan to answer in this project?

How will the work be partitioned among the partners?

What papers and other reading material have you collected that will assist you with your project?

A rich source of information is the annual Proceedings of the International Computer Architecture Symposium and the Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems Conference. Your textbook has up-to-date references as of the start of 1995, but additional papers of use to you have probably appeared since then.

What computing resources do you have access to for this project? Anything missing?


What have you already accomplished on your project?


How far do you expect to be by the next survey (18 March)?


What questions or missing resources are preventing you from starting your project?


Any other comments or questions for us?


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