The schedule for your project over the rest the semester is as follows:

This questionaire constitutes the first project checkpoint, to review your project status in preparation for 20 minute face-to-face meetings with the Instructor and Teaching Assistant during the week of October 16. This questionaire is due Friday, 13 October. Submit only one form per project. When you have completed the following questions, select the "Send Mail" button below.


E-Mail Address:  


Concise Project Title:

Names of Project Partners:

Provide a revised abstract of your project:

It is only necessary to fill this in if you have changed or refined the focus of your project from the last submitted survey form.

What is the key contribution you hope to achieve with your project?

What do you hope to prove (or disprove) with your project? What is the research hypothesis to be tested by the project? Who would be interested in your research results, and why?

What have you accomplished since the last survey, submitted on 29 September?

For example: Have you done your literature search yet? Have you assembled the analysis software you will need? What exists and what will you need to write from scratch? Have you examined the DLX simulator and associated compiler if you intend to use it? Have you put together your benchmark programs? Have you made sure they are complete and can be compiled with the tools you have put together?

How far do you expect to be by the next survey (17 November)?

The next major checkpoint is one month away. Think now about where you hope to be. If you do not achieve your expectations, you will need to think seriously about scaling back your effort. An ambitious but incomplete effort is not as valuable as one less ambitious that succeeds in completing a detailed evaluation and analysis of your ideas.

What steps remain in order for you to complete your project?

It is worthwhile thinking this through in some detail. This will be the main focus of our face-to-face meetings next week.

What is your project's web page?

We would like you to begin assembling a web page for your research project, incorporating your abstracts, plans, and incremental results. The Instructor and TA will begin visiting these sites from time to time to check on your progress. These will be linked to from the CS 252 Home Page. Remember, your colleagues in the course will be looking at these pages!

What additional help do you need for your project?

We are here to help! Just ask.

Any other comments or questions for us?

For example: How could we structure the TA's time to be most valuable for you during the intensive period you will be working on your projects? Would you like more frequent checkpoints and/or project meetings? Would you like more time on finding out what other students are doing for their projects?

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